Gorillaz - Escape to Plastic Beach for iPad App Reviews

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Good game though I think that they should add a multiplayer like dog fights or one person plays as 2D and the other plays as Murdoc and 2D has to survive till the time runs out and the game mode could be called cat and mouse


If you like the Gorillaz art and music, you'll have a blast with this game. It's almost relaxing, floating around on your glider and collecting stuff. I love it!

Fun but difficult

This game is pretty fun and easy to control, though, some of the levels are difficult.

For an unreal band... An unreal game!

Any fan of the Gorillaz will instantly feel at home on Plastic Beach. Anyone unfamiliar with the Gorillaz might as well pass on by. The game is basically a port directly from the website version of the game. Some of the elements work much better on the iPad than on the computer based version. Fun, mindless and very familiar (given that its a mosh-up of a lot of different game styles). Regardless any other factor this game is well worth it's price for the sheer fact that it has the best sound track you could ever ask for on any game! A+

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